Your dog’s favourite treats

Love the toy, I have one that loves to destroy in 30 seconds after bringing it home.
Thanks for the recommendation.

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Xylitol is about the worst. Even a very small amount of that can kill a dog. It’s sometimes listed in a product’s ingredients as birch sugar. Xylitol is fairly common in breath mints, mouthwash, and sugar-free gum. It’s also in some melatonin products. I always check the labels to see if xylitol is in anything my dog might get either intentionally (I’m pretty bad about tossing my dog bits of things) or accidentally.

I think they’ve recently decided that it’s the tartaric acid in grapes that is the toxic component. I’m very careful with grapes or raisins. It doesn’t take much to cause problems.

Macadamia nuts are another that doesn’t take much to cause problems.

I’m careful with dark chocolate, too. I don’t want my dog having any of that. I avoid giving my dog any kind of chocolate, but small amounts of milk chocolate wouldn’t worry me if my dog ate some of that. I actually had a dog (he was about 20 lbs.) years ago who ate a piece of cheap, hollow, milk chocolate candy that was about the size of a softball with no ill effects.

Thanks for posting that link.




I was able to post the link was trying to do it the fancy way in the box.
I think that I may need to do that first…I did it once not sure how to again.

Lol indeed!

Been making these dog cookies for many years.


Would you be willing to shard the recipe?

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You can use any substitutes for the dry ingredients. Mix in liquid to make it soft enough to roll out. When I don’t use enough liquid it’s VERY hard to roll out - but takes less time to get crispy in the oven. This amount is for 2 half sheet pans.
I freeze most and keep a dozen or so in his cookie jar. He gets one a day.


interesting how everyone talks about which treat their dog “loves”. My dogs love whatever I give them. she has no idea what it might be but she has run into walls she was so excited. Her favorite treats when we’re out for a walk are horse poop, chicken poop, and cat poop, in that order. Or maybe it’s just the order she finds them. My other dog’s favorite treat is the month old garbage that I sometimes forget to yank her away from. She has perfect recall of every spot where she has found something to eat over the past 8 years. Most of it is unidentifiable so it’s hard to say what her favorite is.


My dog licks his chops if I ask him if he would like some Poutine. That’s how I know he likes it.

And why is your dog in need of hangover cure fare? :wink:



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Partially true, but many dogs have no problem with grapes or raisins. As of about 10 yrs ago, when my final dog died (of cancer), research into the toxicity process was ongoing but still unexplained.

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When I had dogs, I kept a container of meat trimmings, dried out cheese, left over raw and cooked vegetables in the freezer, and stale crackers and unsweetened cereal in the cupboard. When there was a good variety, I’d mix it all up with peanut butter and an egg, buzzing in the Cuisinart, adding flour if it was too gooey. Spread thinly on a sheet pan and bake on low heat. When it was firm but not yet hard, score into squares or strips, return to oven and turn it off, let the pan sit inside the oven until it is cool. Keep treats in a cool place.

It’s enough work that I didn’t do it often, but it was a good way not to waste stuff that was accidentally overcooked or underwrapped!

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I posted this on what’s on your mind . I stopped by the local bar for a beer . Soon after a white terrier came in with its master. Hopped up the bar stool . Put two paws on the counter. Sat there patiently and ordered the usual. A shot of whipped cream in a shot glass . Licked every drop with poise and class.


Wow, happy doggy!!

How long will those 2 trays last?

Poutine biscuits are the hair of the dog, don’t you know? :rofl:
My dog knows how to party!


That’s good to know.

I also wonder about the similar conventional wisdom on avocados being poisonous for dogs. When Dog1 joined us, we used to take her to a vet whose clinic was out of their house (common in that area). Their yard had several avocado trees, and the vet’s dogs used to wander around chomping on and playing with the fallen fruits, to no ill effects at all, from what we could see. The vet certainly wasn’t bothered by the dogs doing this.

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Usually about 6-7 weeks. I dare not run out as he’s turned his nose away if the vet offers a commercial biscuit.

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My dog turned down part of a Kraft Single her breeder offered her, which her parents enjoyed. Her mom snarfed up what my dog turned down. My dog was happy to eat some local 3 year old white Cheddar she was offered. :rofl:

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