Your cat’s favourite treats 🐱

Of course, now we need to talk about our CATS as well! :laughing: What do you give to your cats besides the regular meal?


My cat loves many things, 2 times a day, actually he queues before H’s work space and asks for his treat: freeze-dried chicken, to be exact, he can have 3 pieces each time, and you know what, he can count! He won’t leave if he didn’t get 3, you can’t give him 2 big pieces, he won’t leave.

Sometimes, I will give him some cat milk, he adores.

Another thing which used to be his treat and now integrated into his meal (last meal before sleep) is sliced ham (pork, chicken or turkey). If he is outside, when he hears the opening of the ham box (plastic tupperware), he will appears in no time at the door, even if he was several streets away.

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My dog can’t count, at all. He gets 3 pieces of popcorn whenever someone has popcorn , and always expects more.

The only people food my cats will eat is chips. They love them, and Blue Buffalo cat treats.

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Mine is not much for people food…he doesnt really go for kitty treats, either.

The one people food he will go for? Tikka Masala…loses his mind for a few bits of chicken with sauce.

Will turn up his nose at plain chicken and fish…but curry.

Used to have a cat who would beg for spaghetti with red sauce. Weird enough, but the curry is off the wall!


Man-made, highly-processed kitty treats. The more the better. And canned food, if it is the really expensive kind. The preferred flavor would be “mousie”, but alas, nothing ready-to-eat comes in that flavor. Treats and meals named to appeal to humans - such as “Ocean’s Delight” - will do.

These are our brother and sister rescue kitties which have been with us for about 14-15 years now.


With this angle, it looks like your kitty is on a taxidermy rug.

In Thailand, at a street food restaurant, we saw the next table giving the cat the extremely spicy leftover fish. :smiley_cat:

Mine likes a bit of sourdough English muffin with butter and honey on it for a small part of breakfast. The minute the toaster pops the muffin up, the cat starts meowing.

That reminded me of my cat, he came from the street around 7-8 months and decided to stay with us. Early days when he was with us, he loved bread. Two times in his first year with us, he brought him from street pita and baguette. Of course he stops eating that long time ago.

This cat has no interest in birds or hunting. He prefers to seduce to have food. Will be 11 years old in coming June.


Close…its a piece of fake fur I had cut for my side gig…I make historical hats. That photo was after I’d walked past him 3 times without seeing him camouflaged on the fur.

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Favourite treats:
Tuna (when I open a tin she appears-- not for any other tin though)
Sometimes chicken.
Flies (sky raisins)



Cute cat! Made me laugh at the flies. One of mine loves moths.

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