Your best No-Bake Cheesecake recipe

Until recently, I would have argued with you that there is no such thing as “no bake” cheesecake. I never found a good recipe/technique for it. Then I had one that changed my mind. Of course, the baker was a professional so she wold not divulge her recipe. Does anyone here have a recipe they would recommend?

When I read this post I thought of the recipe for Chocolate Cheesecake. Do you think I could find the book it was in? Oh hell no - turned out we had loaned it to a neighbor. So - finally we remembered this & got the book back & I have copied the recipe. This is VERY good.

Chocolate Cheesecake
4 T butter
1 ½ C Crushed Chocolate Wafers or Chocolate Graham Crackers

8 Oz semisweet Chocolate chopped
8 Oz Milk Chocolate chopped
¼ C Sugar
12 Oz Cream Cheese
2 C Heav Cream whipped

Line the bottom of an 8” springform pan with parchment paper & butter the sides. Melt the butter & mix with the wafers & press into the bottom of the pan.

Melt the chocolates together in a double boiler to melt & then cool. (I use more semisweet chocolate than milk – like 12 oz – 4 0z). Meanwhile beat the cream cheese & sugar together & then fold in the whipped cream. Combine & then fold in the chocolate. Stir gently until smooth. Pour into the pan & smooth the top. Refrigerate 2 hours until set & solid.

Cheesecake Factory. Step 1, buy cheesecake. Step 2, place cheesecake on your own pretty plate. :wink:

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