[Yountville] La Calenda- Oaxacan/ Mexican food from...Thomas Keller?

The naughty kids at the Thomas Keller group are already misbehaving after Michael Bauer left town- opening up an Oaxacan/ Mexican restaurant? In Yountville?

But the chef seems to know his Oaxacan food since he’s from Oaxaca and his mom runs a culinary school there. Anyone going to try?



That sounds very interesting. i"m going to give it a try…but not before my upcoming trip to Oaxaca !
Will be fun to see how the food stacks up …

We really like La Olla when we went to Oaxaca. Very well executed better ingredient casual fare. That was many years ago though. Don’t know if they are still around or the same.

Itanoni was also interesting. Have fun eating! If you are able to share after you come back I’d love to hear how the meals go!

I’ll do my best to follow up. Forum etiquette question: …should that be in the Mexico board, or here?? (Oaxaca-specific experiences., that is; not the comparing it to Keller’s place)

It’s going to be hard to wrap my head around going to Napa for a “Mexican restaurant”. But I know I will.

Not too far out. We routinely drive by food Mecca (Yountville), to hit our favorite Q joint at the very end of Napa Valley (Calistoga).

Good to see Mexican food getting some mainstream love in Wine Country. Lots of good Latino eateries that started out catering to the local Latino population. Los Molinos Central in Sonoma, for one.


I just pass so many Mexican places on the way. Not like this though!

It certainly makes sense, and I agree about the mainstream attention. I hope that people feel it’s worth Napa overhead. Prices seem quite reasonable.

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Probably Mexico. Since then not just the SF people will see it too.

BTW; How far is it worth driving to get to Buster’s?

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This looks good but I usually go to Sonoma County for my wine country fix. I’ve been to Oaxaca more times than I’ve been to Yountville.

According to their sign, 71.7 miles to San Francisco. Takes from 1.5 hours without traffic. During busy season (which is about every month except now), I’m sure you know that hwy 128 can be bumper to bumper from Yountville to Calistoga.

I like to drive, so its worth the drive during the off-peak hours/days/season.

Most all the Q is good at Buster’s, but we go there especially for their juicy tender Tri-tip. The Buster’s BBQ sauce is exceptional. Spicy with deep peppers flavors, not just searing hotness. We always buy a jar to take home, and I go crazy with it on lots of things.


I’m in Solano county, and can get to downtown Napa in maybe 30 minutes. We usually go as far as St. Helena I just never thought about going for BBQ (or Mexican! ).

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Soleil Ho likes La Calenda.

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Have you been? I’m thinking we’ll go for husband’s birthday in a few weeks