You win half billion powerball, what restaurant do you buy? (NJ Edition)

Actually I would like to restate this, if I win the $500mil, I’ll just buy the entire building. lol

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Wow … TY

I thought you weren’t talking to me because of my “poison MB” post (please feel free to remove it)
I’m sorry, I won’t mention it again … you truly are a man of many talents
and “you” will win the MB cook off

Or at least tramp stamps…

Wild Koi.


I’d find a nice road-side location and rebuild the old/original Anthony Wayne’s that used to be at "the corner " of route 46 and 80. I’d cook hamburgers, cheeseburgers, great hot dogs, a steak sandwich, the best French fries I could muster and a salad or two for people who aren’t me. I’d cook everything over a visible Hickory charcoal fire. I might never leave.

Or, take the same place and put it on the water, keep the prices low and assiduously avoid overcrowding by having very limited parking. (I love places where the guideline is, “if you can’t find a parking spot, we’re too crowded to serve you properly”. For example, The Star Tavern in Orange). I’d take reservations - if I liked you.

Just simple heaven.


I’m not sure if I would bulldoze mccloones ale house or every subway in Monmouth county first.

As for my spot, I’m conjuring up ideas on the most epic steakhouse I can imagine. It will be so amazing that Taylor Ham Swift will heli down from Newport to indulge.

Jr, that rb idea is pretty badass! I like it but the parking sucks around there right? I guess you can hit the parking garage across the street for like ten bucks.

As for the raven, I think the salt creek has a lot more potential if they could get a decent chef there. I really love that property, the view is nice and the place is truly comfortable to eat in. It’s not crammed and claustrophobic, plus I like that fire pit and parking is ample. You have some experience in the game, so why doesn’t a place like this hire a decent chef?

Why don’t they throw another 50 or 60 and hire someone top notch to execute as chef? It’s fucking rumson lol. It’s the wealthiest town in NJ for crying out loud. Charge 5 more or so for a plate and put out some better chow. @VikingKaj you need to come up with an equation and trademark it.

I’ve said it before but here is the old saying that relates to restaurants. Car racing is similar. Pick two because you won’t get three: fast, cheap and reliable

With restaurants you have ambiance/view, good food, and fair pricing. Again, pick two because you’re not getting 3 :slight_smile:

Rich people have no taste and no taste buds.

Just because you have a lot of money it does not mean you have a lot of good food.

At the shore, we have the restaurants we deserve.

The problem is not the owner or the chef, it’s the customer.

Why would an owner care about getting a better chef when they can serve crap and the house is packed all summer long?

Take your pick.

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@corvette_johnny there’s your answer

Pride maybe? We could make our stuff cheaper & increase profits but we don’t.


This is not directed to you.

It is for the Tim McClones, the Merrylin Sluttbacks, the Vic Rollovers, the Slop Creep Grilles and Suburban Tommies Smoking Coal establishments in our area.

Those of the mediocre food + liquor license = another successful shore eatery ! ilk.

Might as well open another Chili’s or Appelbums as one of the above named places.

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Joe this is kind of my philosophy. I’d rather put out superior food and be known as a great restaurateur than to have a little extra money in the bank. The guys viking mentioned are wealthy folks. I guess it all boils down to profit.

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I like the handles you have given them lol

Tommy’s has me baffled. This place is RAILED all the time. I literally see waiting lines of people standing outside in thunderstorms. I love the wings but jeez, the food isn’t outstanding. If you pick the shittiest humid ball sweating day, there will be a line of people trying to get into this place and the outside dining is packed.

Yeah, but he is at the beach and has drink specials all the time, happy hour every day and otherwise 4pm to close. Just click here:

The Rumson cops should just follow them home out of the parking lot.

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Or the food is an afterthought to a successful liquor dispensary.

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Have you seen the parking lot next to tommys? They have a kid working the lot to make sure no one sneaks in.

So who is in it to win it? Cash pay out is looking like 340 now.

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Rumson isn’t bad. Sea bright sucks.

I try to avoid that stretch until after Labor Day.

After that I might sneak over for lunch now and again, but I wont admit that here, and certainly would not post about it.

A sentiment I’m sure we can all share in

I, however, have more friends with DUI’s courtesy of Rumson as opposed to Seabright.

I have feeling the three cops in Seabright have their hands full with the beach in the summer, whereas Rumson has a much bigger budget and time on their hands.

Plus DUI’s are bad for tourism. People tend to remember that $h!t.

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I would take over The Vu in Jersey City and bring in Eric Hambrecht and tell him to revert to his days at The Frog and Peach or even his short tenure at The Lincroft Inn. Then I would spend every night at the best table in the house hard up against the eastern window.

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I was very happy when Eric was at the Lincroft Inn. That was the only time I frequented it.

The people who bought my house for cash last week have more money than the powerball . Must be nice .

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