You pays your money - but not if it's been down your bra

Story is about a shop in my metro area.


Thanks for posting, John. A bit of lightness in answer to the dread.

“Due to the nation-wide corona scare we won’t be accepting any money that has currently been in people’s mouths, bras, shoes,” the sign says.

I have never confused my bra or shoes with my wallet. And the mouth? That’s just bizarre\disgusting. I’m glad I don’t work retail. And I’m equally glad I have never seen such behavior.

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So speaks someone who has never shopped at Iceland. :grinning:


At least they didn’t include panties.
British folks are so reserved.


Not familiar with Iceland (being American and all) . . . Does it have a particular brand of shopper? Like the wallet-averse?

I shall try and choose words carefully so as hopefully not to upset any of my fellow Britons who may shop there (it’s some years since I’ve been in one, even though there is a branch a few minutes walk away.

Iceland is a generally bottom end supermarket chain. Originally it only dealt in frozen foods (hence the name) and that remains it’s main trade, although it now sells a much wider range of products. It markets itself to working class families who are looking for cheap stuff to feed the kids. A recent (and possibly current) marketing slogan was “Mum’s Gone to Iceland” (and variations on that) - this being a good thing as the little darlings will enjoy the poor quality sweet, fatty foods. And Mum has been able to buy all that poor quality food for so little money. IMO, it tags to a trait amongst many Britons that “good food” means there was a lot of it and it was cheap (reference from reading Tripadvisor restaurant reviews)

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Not just Britons. I think this is why so many restaurant chains and buffets are successful in the US . . . every time my hairdresser recommends a restaurant it’s lots of food cheap or a buffet with overly sweet PA Dutch food.

When traveling I’ve used a money belt that was tucked inside my pants. Guess that’s a no no now, and I really don’t blame them.

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