You can rent Julia Child's Home on Airbnb till 2017

More here:

Only temporary, until the place will turn into a school in 2017.

What a PERFECT spot for my next adventure with my women friends!!!

Actually, I wonder they will rent it out with all the tools hanging on the wall of kitchen like on the photo?

Sounds great, but expensive. And who would want to cook in when there are so many great eateries in Provence. Too bad the powers that be in Cambridge, MASS did not have the vision to create an historic landmark at her home in the U.S. It is, however, a must stop for food aficionados of every stripe at the American History Museum, part of the Smithsonian, in D.C. Her whole kitchen was meticulously transported there piece by piece, right down to the smallest utensil.
On a recent return visit, it was heartening to see fans, young and old, come to pay their respects…

Loads of people love to visit southern France (and many parts of Europe) to shop in markets and cook. It’s a very popular thing to do, and one of the main reasons France has long had a very active vacation rental market. People want kitchens where they can cook market bounty. There are some great eateries in the part of the Mediterranean where I live, but almost none are as good as home cooked meals made with local fresh food, eaten in homey surroundings.

I’ve never been a follower of Julia Child, but didn’t she live in Santa Barbara, California?

The article indicates the kitchen is totally equipped – and renters are even warned there is a camera that monitors the space to ensure historic items are not stolen.

Though originally from Pasadena, CA., Julia Child followed her husband’s career in the diplomatic corps to France. After that they moved to Cambridge and it became her base of operations. Her iconic cooking shows were filmed there and in nearby Boston, across the Charles River…she later retired and died in Santa Barbara.

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