YoshanTea (遊山) Taiwanese Tea House at Los Angeles, Arcadia.

YoshanTea is a Taiwanese Tea House at several locations. One of which is at Arcadia, Los Angeles. Beside selling numerous Taiwanese tea, it is also a tea house where people can come in and enjoy tea at their own table at their own pace. I have visited this place more than a dozen of times.
Since a picture is worth a thousand words, here are a few photos.

A large selection of Taiwanese teas (mostly Taiwanese Oolong)

Very comfortable setting. ~5 tables for individual tea tasting.

A tea menu

Oriental Beauty (Eastern Beauty) and brewing tea set.

First brew photos

Fifth and final brew photos


How did you find the teas?

Find the teas? Or find the tea shop? The teas are in the shop.

I meant how do you like the teas?

I always like their teas. They are nice – if you like Taiwanese style Oolong.

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One more photo.
Second brew. I hope the photo captures the tea liquor has thickness (liquid surface tension) – maybe not…


Thanks for the review and info @Chemicalkinetics . Neat! Do you need to make a reservation, or can folks walk in at any time? Thanks.

You can just walk in for purchase or for self tea drinking (like my photos above).
If you want a tea tasting session with a tea expert, then you will need to make a reservation – that is my understanding.


Thanks for posting. I did not realize oolong could be brewed so many times. Would you happen to have a picture of the full menu? The pic above is cut off a little. I wonder what aspects of the teas are meant to be highlighted by the two different brew methods.

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Hi. Unfortunately, I do not have the full menu. It is a new menu, so I cannot even find it online.
Yoshan only recently came up with this menu. Previously, they give clients the difference of using ceramic vs clay teapots to brew different tea.

Only this year, they switched to this brewing model for using the brewing tea cupping.

My educated guess is that Yoshan switches up using brewing tea cupping for fast releasing teas – teas which releases their flavor faster, like Oriental Beauty and Black Tea. In contrast, the rolled up Oolong tea balls take longer time to release all their flavor. Their Champagne Formosa, Oriental Beauty and Honey Gold are all Oriental Beauty, just different grades.


Taiwan pretty much now uses these tea cupping (評鑑杯) for tea competition.

That is a different topic. (Personal brewing vs Competition brewing)


A few more photos from my this week visit. These photos capture the four pages menu and show the red clay teaware.
The original photos are from 10JUL22
Below photos are from 17JUL22
A tea tasting table from the tea expert/master side

Menu Page 1-4

My own tea (Aged Taiwan Oolong) today. Before brewing, first brew, second brew, seventh brew, tea leaves after seven brews


This was last year (Nov 2021) ceramic tea set.


Seventh brew…how much / many do you drink? How much time do you spend there ? Is there music of any sort ? Interesting spot thanks for the reporting.

Yes, this time I brewed to 7th time. I am guessing that I was there for 45 min. Sometime I stay longer and sometime shorter. Yes, there usually a calm and low volume music there.


Thanks for posting the menu. Wow, Ali Shan is a splurge for me, but that’s their cheapest tea! It would be nice to try all these side by side one day. I wonder if the two Li Shan teas (601 and 611) are different cultivars.

What were your thoughts on the Aged Taiwan Oolong? The seventh brew still has body to it, very impressive.

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Yeah. Definitely cheaper to buy tea and drink at home. Think of it as an overall experience of sitting there for 1 hour.
Yes, I have asked about that before. 601 and 611 are two different grades.
601 is a $240 tea for 150 grams

611 is a $108 tea for 150 grams

Give or take, they are about $0.7-1.6 per gram tea. They put 6 grams in the teapot, so if one is to brew the same “601” tea at home, the tea leaves is $10.