Yorba Linda

Growing up I visited my father in Yorba Linda, but he died I have not been there in 35 years. The places we went out to eat are most like long gone. I remember the places, but the only two names that come to mind
Are Marie Calender’s and The Whole Enchilada.

Does anyone out there know of any good places that are there now? This would be near the Richard Nixon Library. (There used to be a Richard M Nixon Middle School which my dad thought was funny.)

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My last post got cut off.Are there any notable places in Yorba Linda today? This would be near the Richard Nixon Library.

Food House

I live in Brea. Mostly chains and whatnot. Nothing notable. Here are some places that are ~10 min drive of the library.
Terra - wood fired pizzas, burgers, pastas on Main St Yorba Lina
Olive Pit - excellent Greek/mediterranean food in downtown Brea
Fogo De Chao - just opened across from the Brea mall
El Farolito - iconic Mexican place in Placentia

I remember that mall. That thing was huge and had an ice rink in it. . It was also near Union 76 refinery.