Yongkang Beef Noodles, Taipei [Taiwan]

It goes without saying that any visit to Taipei has to include the eating of beef noodles. These were in fact the only beef noodles I had the three times I was in Taipei ( I even managed to find a beef noodle place right next door to my hotel on my penultimate night in Taipei but I got there an hour before closing and they had run out of beef noodles. Trust me to find a beef noodle place in Taipei of all places with no beef noodles!)

Anyway I went at lunchtime and knew there’d be a queue and there certainly was. It move fairly quickly though and I was seated after about 10 mins. I went for the beef and tendon noodle soup. It was a large bowl which brought a good amount of beef and tendon sitting in a broth that I at first thought was a bit underpowered flavour wise but the more I drank the richer it became. The noodles were nice and thick and perfectly cooked with still a bit of bite. The tendon still had a bit of chew but the beef, my word. Melt in the mouth doesn’t do it justice and it had a good deep beefiness. Definitely worth queuing for.


Finally have decent wifi so can upload some photos.

Frontage and small queue.

Beef noodles.

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BTW, have you had beef noodles at Chef Hung or Din Tai Fung? Just wondering how they compare.

These were the only beef noodles I had in Taipei. I had some on Kinmen island but they weren’t in the same league as Yongkang.

I enjoyed Tian Xia San Jue (天下三絕) on my recent trip to Taipei.

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