Yo! Sushi, Short Hills Mall, Short Hills, NJ

Table Hopping With Rosie-- YO! Sushi, a fast-casual sushi restaurant at the Short Hills Mall, serves sashimi, rolls, salads and desserts on a Japanese ‘kaiten.’

A friend of mine who knows sushi said this place is absolutely garbage. Bad sushi and extremely overpriced.

Hardly surprising that a chain is not very good.

I was so excited when this place opened as I loved it in Union Station in DC. It was so disappointing - bad service, so/so sushi. I ordered some salmon sushi and saw the guy making it and then my waiter was wandering around looking for the person who ordered it, so I flagged him down - but that wasn’t enough - he had to go back to the sushi “chef” and check with him first to be sure I was telling the truth. Think I’ll pass on this next time.

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