Yildiz Bakery, Archway [London]

I read about Yildiz Bakery’s gözleme and wanted to try them out for myself; finally, today was the today. Gözleme are filled flatbreads from Turkey, made from hand-rolled dough that is stuffed with various toppings, folded and sealed, and then cooked over a griddle.

Many of Yildiz’s items seem like standard bakery fare–princess birthday cakes, meringue cookies, etc. But in the front of the bakery, by the window, is a woman rolling out gözleme in front of a grill underneath a hand-written sign listing the toppings and prices.

I ordered a spinach and cheese version; for two pounds fifty it was a delicious and pretty cheap light lunch. The dough is rolled thin, not quite as thin as a good crepe but in that direction, so that the deep green of the spinach was visible through the crisped surface. The cheese was salty (maybe feta, but I’m not sure), a nice counterpoint to the earthy greens.

They have a few other Turkish items here–I saw a sign listing pide as one of the available breads.