YETI Presents, Hungry Life video series

YETI series, Hungry Life features a host of subjects related to foraging, hunting, fishing, eating in the wild. This particular YETI 5 film series features chefs who live this life professional and personally. The filming is outstanding.

I have been a Chef Eduardo fan for some time. His own unique back story is an interesting tale in food.

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A bit off topic here…but where did YETI come from?

Coleman used to be the Gold Standard for all things outdoors food transportation and storage. This Spring & Summer season, YETI is everywhere. Might be interesting to see who all is bankrolling the brand.

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Now. I. Am. Really. Confused.

Is the Youtube Channel a salute to the “mythological” beasts of Burma? Or, is it a well crafted tribute to resourceful outdoorsmen/women made by a talented, forward-thinking manufacturing company?

I really didn’t want to hijack this thread, Dan.

Jimmy, honestly I dont have any ties to the project. I enjoyed the videos.

I wish I could scrub my posts here, Dan. Didn’t intend to derail your thread. So sorry.

Not sure how our exchange changes an interesting video short but I thought other HO members might enjoy it. No worries.

More background.

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