Yet another NYC trip: yet another part: 5

Tuesday brought Kay a work kerfuffel so I took it easy until lunch time. I walked Roosevelt not able to decide what to have all the way to NY Food Court where my indecision forced me to make a decision. I felt like Sichuan sliced fish and pickled veggie soup. So it was back to Alley 41 which we discovered 4 years ago on our first Flushing stay. What I really wanted was called fish with pickled pepper soup but i did not realize it until my huge bowl arrived. This soup was milky white, rich, creamy with a nice balance of sour and spice. The bowl was enough that i brought home enough for Kay’s lunch. There was even more but by then it was mostly the bones so we tossed it as it would be too messy in our AirBnB room.

The cauldron and a standard Chinese restaurant soup cup for comparison. I think the day before, 12 of us shared a bowl this size.

It started raining just as I got back so we cooled it until the kerfuffle was unfuffled. Then thoughts turned to dinner. With the light rain, we decided to go back to the skewer place. We were welcomed as family. We used the QR order system and the Bossman recruited a customer to translate that we ordered way too much. So we cut about half our order.

We went back to the skewer joint. What a fantastic meal!!! 4 Tsing Tao and more food than was strictly necessary.

Seng Feng BBQ on Bowne between Sanford and Franklyn. Although I found several other possibilities on the googs. Google translate on the awning did not help. It read BBQ rib restaurant.

We were welcomed as old friends this time.

Bossman again got a customer who spoke English to let us know we ordered too much. Both customers on both visits called him Bossman so I took it as a term of respect. Temember, this is half the food we originally ordered. $100 with a huge tip. What a fantastic meal!!! 4 Tsing Tao and more food than was strictly necessary.

The thing to realize is we got our skewers 2 items at a time, run from the bbq cart on the sidewalk to our table still sizzling.

We were complemented by another table for our pronunciation of Tsing Tao.

BBQ on Bowne between Sanford and Franklyn.

garlic chives… super yummy

Enoki with the same spicy mop sauce as the chives. I love there, kay is not a huge enoki fan.

Green beans, bean curd sheet w/cilantro (oh so good and pungent), chicken thigh (Bossman said chicken best and it was good indeed), enoki

Closeups. Thigh & rolls

Grilled wings. Amazingly smoky and spicy. Again fabulous.

Not sure what this was. I thought i ordered lamb kidney or lamb loin, and this was neither. Sort of a chicken gizzard feel. Brilliant balance of chew and unctuousness. By now were were on the third beer and did not feel the need to further investigate.

Garlic. This might have been the best bite of the trip so far.

Lotus root. Interesting almost dehydrated or papery texture, a burst of rooty flavor.

Scallop with glass noodle. Delicious if dangerous. The shell stayed hot and the glass noodles stuck to the shell. My burnt fingers did not need medical attention, i toughed it out. I have cats who bite fingers when the snack hunger strikes.

We got Hagen Daaz across the street and it was good.


Just looking at the food photos, I would not have guessed that this place was Korean, but looking at the awning, it is? It’s a style of Korean food with which I am unfamiliar. Thanks for the report.

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Definitely Chinese. I don’t think they had much of a budget to open. They have a BBQ cart they cook on. Only a dew dished come from the kitchen.

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