Yet another NYC trip, Thanksgiving Day

We walked 3.3 miles along the Hudson to the Charthouse for their buffet. Not a place I eould go to for food, but it was perfect for the holiday. The food was good (fair to pretty darn good )but what made the day special was the service: wonderful. We sat in an upstairs banquet room with an unreal view.

Having worked holidays for 14 years owning 2 restaurants. I made it my mission to let each staff member we came in contact with how much we appreciated their working the holiday.

Next was a bus to Mitsuwa marketplace to buy dinner and food to have at our quirky but delightful AirBnB. Hokkaido Scallop sushi, Hokkaido uni, boiled tiny scallops with the coral, plums, a delicious Grapefruit sohi, pickled this and that, black sesame ice cream, a bottle of Ichinokura sake and a yuzu beer from a Tokyo craft brewery. Dinner tonight, breakfast and more for the price of a dinner out.

We enjoyed the yuzu beer tonight but it did not give off a lot of yuzuyness.