Yet another in big trouble - Gourmet Burger Kitchen

Not at all surprised by this one. They clearly over extended their expansion - the two branches near didnt last long and closed a couple of years back.

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Never good for the staff, but if this one falls it’s well overdue. I doubt they’ve vastly improved in the years since I last went, but I was always dismayed when I ended up at a GBK. The burgers seemed expensive and the meat fairly tasteless. They had some sales tactic to upsell you on sauce to make your substandard burger less dry.

The only time I came away with a smile was when they had a get served in 15 minutes or your money back lunch offer at a branch near work. We went three weeks in a row and paid nothing, it was absurd.


I think with a lot of these old high street chains, they were fairly innovative when they first came out, but there are so many places to get a better burger or whatever now, they’re not going to survive unless they improve.

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They’ve now got only one branch in Greater Manchester (at the Trafford Centre mall). Stoke would be the next nearest for me - 25+ miles away. Deffo no longer a major player