Yet another Galveston, Texas report

We did our usual scenic route detour through Surfside for oyster po boys and extra fried shrimp on the side.

My eyes caught the oysters brochette, oysters, bacon, yum, but they were just okay. We’ll stay with the fried oysters and shrimp next time.

Breakfast for dinner in Galveston found us at Waffle House for 5 star dining. BYOB, bring your own real butter for grits and waffles plus great sides of bacon and ham. Waffle House rules.

Day one is a bee line for Benno’s for dueling plates of blackened oysters, superb, enough said.

What wasn’t superb, and excuse the shouting, was TWENTY FOUR DOLLARS FOR TWO POUNDS OF CRAWFISH.

We have a friend from over the years that works there and they were declared tiny. Said friend hooked us up last year with a few and the flavor is not there, some of the worst I’ve had but not as bad as the “clean” ones from the Pacific NW I got at Rajun Cajun on a whim one September several years ago. No flavor at all.

I wouldn’t eat them if I won the lottery but they were flying out of the kitchen all three days we were there for lunch. Here’s hoping the word doesn’t get up to Houston what fools, er people are willing to pay or we’re all doomed.

Dinner was Gumbo Bar on Post Office and we had high hopes for the dark roux seafood bowl of gumbo we split with the promised shrimp and oysters but it yielded a few smallish shrimp and one pathetic oyster and the flavor was lacking.

Since it was the middle of a cold winter I had to have some half shell oysters and overpaid for some good but not great bivalves at 17.99 a dozen, that’s not happening again and we won’t be going back.

We rounded out our stay with a couple of lunches at Benno’s featuring more blackened oysters, outstanding fried, and whole fried catfish, recommended.

We grabbed a pizza from Mario’s 61st for a slice for the road plus the rest leftover which I just finished.

Somewhat nautical themed this commercial.


The world has indeed spun off its axis. Who are these people ordering them? That’s some folks that can’t wait another minute for crawfish season. No doubt they were really small too. It’s early. Patience is a virtue.

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Our friend that works there described them as tiny.

No doubt they were really small too.

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Always enjoy your Galveston reports, JC, but you’ve certainly had more successful visits. I’ve had Gumbo Bar on my radar for some time; guess I’ll take it off.

Gumbo Bar was a letdown, oysters brochette at Red Snapper Inn were fair but three lunches at Benno’s with multiple blackened oyster dishes, a new found love for their fried oysters, plus the always excellent whole fried catfish made up for everything.

A bonus was Waffle House just around the corner from our Seawall digs. We don’t have one close to us because they are not allowed in our area and the food was on point.

I’m sad to see reports of Mr Benno’s death coming out of Galveston this morning.

That is sad. I can’t say I ever met the man.