Yep, Claud is the Real Deal

I’ve been following Josh Pinsky since the Momofuku Nishi days. After he left Nishi, it was pretty much the beginning of the decline. Much of the staff is now reunited at Claud. After trying for months I was finally able to score a couple of bar seats early Sunday. There’s a small section in the corner for walk-ins. Being included in Pete Wells’ 100 didnt help, us. First impression after walking and drinking for three hours prior to arrival, its gotta be the most romantic bathroom in NYC.

Very good food pacing. While some dishes impressed more than others, there was no dud, or fault I could find with anything. Probably meal of the year for us.

The free sourdough they bake in-house and room temp spreadable butter is almost a rarity these days, and an indication of things to come. They will bring more bread depending on the dish. We went from worrying we may not have enough to saying stop.

Enjoyed the crab and corn fritters with the plentiful crab and that sweet corn coming through nicely. Solid buttery foie gras terrine with a honey vinegar jell. Shrimp comes sizzling on a very hot skillet. They are barely cooked, yet firm, plump, and insanely delicious. When it comes to seafood, he doesnt mess with many ingredients and lets the main ingredient shine.

The Chicken Liver Agnolotti was exactly what you’d expect from a place like this. Liver freak Mrs Z was in heaven. I’m not sure I prefer this over the more traditional “Plin”, but we still cleared the plate to the point of no washing necessary.

But the creme de la creme was the Halibut with cockles and green garlic. The fish was firmer than usual, not breaking apart every time you touch, yet the perfect texture. And very complementary dashi reminiscent of a scallop dish at Ko. This was pure food magic.

We couldnt find enough room for the much hyped mammoth Devil’s food cake. But the root beer ice cream was just brilliant. Whether you are into root beer in this case is almost irrelevant. Go! If you can.


“Romantic bathroom!” Now that’s a new one on me…“Piege de Cristal” translates to “Die Hard.” Sounds so much more “romantic” in French, for sure!

Thanks for the report. Like you, I’ve been trying since it opened. Did you score a walk-in? Or an early reservation. Anyway, the meal looks amazing.

I reserved two weeks ago, a 5:30 table on a Sunday. It seems like it finally eased a bit. Even now it shows some tables available in two weeks, late and early.

You might’ve gotten lucky during this unsettled moment in l’histoire de Claude.

Not exactly. I got lucky in a sense that my reservations were on Sunday instead of Sat or earlier. They initially cancelled my reservations, saying “no alcohol, now bakery”. They didnt get their liquor license and lost their temp license. That lasted about 24 hours until they got their temp license back, and seemingly on their way to get the real one. But they were only able to reopen on Sunday, so they just put me back on.
I still think they will open a bakery or three at some point

Sad that in NYC you cant make money unless you have a liquor license. Not ordering alcohol feels almost like not tipping.

It is. But I am definitely part of the problem.

Yes, I see, thanks!!! Will probably have to wait till after vacation, but will go in the fall and report back.

Thanks for the nudge to go and do this @Ziggy! My son and I snagged a couple of late seats at the bar on Thursday night. Though the only dish we had that was the same as yours were the chicken liver agnolotti, we also were blown away and had a fantastic time. Like you, I don’t think I need to have the agnolotti again (just very rich), but definitely worth tasting. We also had fritters, though ours were squash ones for the season and served with pecorino. Crunchy outside, gooey and delicious inside, and we both enjoyed these.

We had scallop ceviche with “grape and hibiscus” according to the menu. I could not have told you what the sauce was, but very delicious, and topped with beautiful, thinly sliced radishes. I thought the sort of thing that @small_h would enjoy along with the wine. However, N.B. the glasses of wine (v. large pours) were around $25/glass. (Well, one of mine, the excellent white burgundy was more than that…I hear someone laughing at me!)

Probably my favorite dish was the mushroom “mille feuille” with “whitney” cheese. I’ll be dreaming about that for a while, I reckon. We finished our savory courses with a half chicken in foie drippings. Sounds heavier than it was…was juicy and the gravy more like “au jus,” with some ginger maybe. Very yummy also. Like the man said, not a stinker among them. And there were many other dishes we could have happily chosen.

And, oh yeah, I think my son would say that the chocolate cake is what he came for and would again. (Though he, too, was kvelling over every bite.)

One word about the space. We ate at the bar, and it was much more comfortable than I would have expected. Wide bar, big enough for dishes and wine glasses, etc. Lovely Kacie served us, and she was a perfect hostess for our little celebratory meal. She seemed to have fun serving us. We enjoyed chatting with a couple visiting from Oregon next to us, and the diners all seemed like they were having fun. The restaurant seemed bigger than expected, though I did not walk through it and totally forgot to investigate the “Romantic bathroom.” See, I knew I had to go back…and soon!

Sorry for the dark pics. (I think I turned my flash off when I was at Nora Jones concert and forgot to turn it back on!)




(He took some home.)


Sounds like a great meal @ninkat. Need to come back for the mushroom “mille feuille” before they switch back to tomato, and before they get a Michelin star. They (and us) dont need it.

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Indeed! I am trying to get back in the next couple of weeks! (They do seem to have early, and late, seats at the bar.)