Yea for Youtube! Great British Bake-Off Season 7

Lord knows when it will come to PBS, but on the other side of the pond, it began last week with cakes, and this second week, it was cookies and gingerbread constructions. Next week will be bread.

There were some very eyecatching cakes last week. Iced cookies varied a great deal in terms of decorating expertise, as did the gingerbread.

I know who I’m rooting for, but at this point there doesn’t seem to be anyone with a solid edge.

I, too, am following the new season via YouTube. Some of the mirror glaze cakes looked absolutely gorgeous, and I’m really eager to try making those Viennese whirls. I am also very excited for break week - I find bread pretty intimidating, and it’s so inspiring to see what the contestants come up with.

Who’s your horse, greygarious? If you tell me yours, I’ll tell you mine :wink:

It’s too soon to have a good idea how proficient most of them are, but in terms of personality, I like Benjamina, Rav, Selasi, and Jane.

BTW, don’t forget to Youtube “An Extra Slice”, the light-hearted ancillary BBC program.
The series numbers are a hodgepodge, and Youtube doesn’t have a complete set, but no matter. They are entertaining, and feature appearances by the bounced bakers.