Yankee Lobster [Seaport, Boston]

I didn’t think this warrented it’s own post, so apologies for derailing a bit…Well, we had every intention of going down to Nantasket Beach today to get some real-time intel for you @fooddabbler but it was not to be. Our late start time (~11:30 am) meant we didn’t want to sit in traffic so we headed to the Seaport, our fallback whenever we’re in town and want some ocean time. My vote to do the ICA/ferry to the ICA Watershed got sidetracked but we still had fun. We brought our cooler of adult beverages and found our secret parking spot out near Harpoon. We decided on takeout from Yankee Lobster because they have a (dreaded) hot dog for Spring Onion, who turns his nose up at seafood. Or anything else for that matter. Got our food in about 15 minutes and walked to our secret picnic spot on Pier 4 (near the new seaplane terminal) where we can eat, brown bag in peace, and watch the harbor and Logan traffic. Yankee let us down - B ordered salmon sandwich with onion rings and instead he got sweet potato fries, which we both loathe. Sandwich was proclaimed basic but good and huge. Hot dog with fries - you could tell the oil was old, which is yucky. My crab roll was pretty awesome - over-stuffed in a properly griddled roll and I chose corn on the cob, which was way better than either fried side. But, nevertheless, we had an enjoyable lunch, which was followed by a fun visit to the Martin Richard playground next to the Children’s Museum. The Seaport was hopping. A bit too amped up for our taste, but it’s fun to visit.


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Another place where Yankee Lobster let us down - they asked us if we needed utensils, we said nope and we still got 3 plastic setups. The receipt clearly said “no utensils.” GAH!

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