Yak & Yeti- good new Nepalese in Napa

Yak & Yeti. On Jefferson street in Napa.

We went for dinner here with a friend who recently discovered this place, which has been open for less than a year. Nepalese in Napa? I have to admit I was skeptical since Napa is not the best place for decent authentic Asian cuisine. But it was wonderful. The food was excellent and authentic, on par or better than similar restaurants in Berkeley. Here is what we ate:

Momo sampler: veggie, chicken and lamb momos (dumplings). I must admit in other Nepalese restaurants I have visited I usually find momos insipid. Like the boring cousins of more flavorful Chinese dumplings. But these were excellent. The filling was moist and flavorful enhanced with subtle but satisfying hints of cumin and other spices. The wrappers were delicate.

For our main courses we asked which curries were Nepalese (the menu also includes more Indian curries) and ordered those. We tried :

Lukshya rha phing- lamb with glass noodles. This dish was a revelation. Completely different than anything I have tried. And excellent: silky noodles and flavorful lamb, redolent with gingery warmth.

Kukhura dahi- delectable moist chicken in a creamy yogurt sauce. Excellent