XO sauce

A few years ago, Mission restaurant St. Vincent served a dish containing XO sauce, and it surprised me to see a non-Chinese, non-Cantonese even, restaurant experimenting with this Hong Kong invented condiment. More recently, I saw it mentioned on a menu at Tartine Manufactory.

Are other non-Chinese restaurants incorporating XO sauce into their dishes, and if so, what started the trend and does anyone put it to good use? (I didn’t eat at either place mentioned above, but got the impression both places made it in house).

I was doing some research on XO sauce and came across this article. It seems that Hopscotch in Oakland was doing their XO sauce. Not sure if they are still doing it now, the article was back in 2015.

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Corey Lee has used it at Benu. China Live’s page on XO sauce mentions that, as well as gives some history and details about the sauce,

Here’s what they did with it:

  • mozzarella with XO sauce
  • XO sausage with basil curd

You know, if Corey Lee deems mozzarella with XO sauce good enough to put on his menu, perhaps I should try the same at home, or maybe at a potluck/ party next time…

I got curious and searched for XO sauce on yelp. Some other restaurants that used XO sauce that are non-Cantonese/ Chinese:

Wok-Charred Brussels Sprouts in XO Sauce

Kanah Pad with XO Sauce

But, one can argue Pim’s cooking is still somewhat close to Chinese. How about American cooking?

Lazy Bear:
Peas with duck ham and XO sauce:

Grilled beef, kohlrabi, brussels sprouts, chrysanthemum, XO sauce

The Alembic: Slow-Roasted Pork Loin ($20) with serrano ham, broccoli rabe, fingerling potatoes & XO Sauce

Happy XO-sauce hunting!

All photos courtesy of Yelp.

Not very clear, are you talking about Kin Khao?

I wonder maybe XO sauce is getting popular in other Asian cooking, maybe the same as wasabi is used in Chinese cooking.

For several years I have been occasionally eating for lunch Strauss Greek yogurt topped with Koi place XO sauce.

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Yes- Kin Khao. Just saying that Kanah Pad with XO Sauce dish won’t look out of place at a Cantonese restaurant.