Xiao Long Bao recommendations in NYC

There are several restaurants in NYC whose XLB are the equal of the ones I had at DTF in Shanghai.

We want you to name names :slight_smile:

Aha, that’s why there is no DTF in NYC…! Do tell us the places with great XLB.

Old Shanghai at Mott and Bayard, Old Sichuan on Bayard between Mott and Elizabeth (same owners), and Shanghai Heping on Mott between Canal and Hester all come immediately to mind, and I’m sure there are excellent ones in Flushing I don’t know about.
I doubt that’s why there’s no DTF here, however – more likely a question of $$$?

Must correct DTF in Shanghai to DTF in Tokyo in initial post,


buttertart, good to see you posting! if i’m not mistaken, you used to be pretty active on the NYC CH board, but stopped a couple years ago… always appreciated your fruit stand updates. unless i’ve totally confused identities, in which case, pls ignore the prior :smile:

i think the NYC XLB offerings are different (not necessarily better or worse than DTF) in that they tend to be a bit heavier. the size of each dumpling clearly sets the tone, but i’ve always enjoyed DTF because the filling and juice is so light, yet still aromatic. Whereas the typical larger XLBs in NYC and the bay area tend to be much heavier to the point I only want a few before feeling sated.

The other thing I do enjoy about DTF is the pork chop!

I also appreciated your many posts on CH (I went under another “name”) and hope to see more of your contributions here.

Yes it’s me…nice to hear from you and Martini.
I know what you mean about the size (the first I ever had were at the Sui Yuan in Taipei, and were about the size of a 50 cent piece, with gossamer skins). The ones at Old Shanghai and Old Sichuan are a bit large but the skins are very thin and the filling very flavorful. I would welcome a DTF here, of course! (Some of the ones we had in Tokyo featured uni…)
And I’m always up for a great pork chop!

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I see. No wonder buttertart’s original post look out of place.

Shanghai Heping’s are very good, as are 456’s.

Have you tried the ones at Shanghai Asian Manor, on Mott and Mosco? They’re very good there, too.

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Yaso Tangbao in Brooklyn got a nice review in the NY Times.

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