Xi'an Taste, Newark report w/ PICS

Tried out Xian Taste in Newark Sun 11/5/17. I went around 11am and it wasn’t that busy. People had their jackets on because it was freezing in the restaurant!

I got the cold sesame liangpi dish $7.50 that’s not on the menu, it’s by the register. I had to ask for what the cold sesame noodle dish, but it’s not made of noodles? A Google search calls Liangpi-Cold Skin Noodle, I think what I had was made from rice flour.

It’s a good amount of noodles, sesame sauce, some thinly sliced cucumbers and bean sprouts.
I really liked the dish. I also got a pork burger and found the meat part tasty, but the bread was hard so I just ate the inside with my noodles.

I will be back to try more dishes. Maybe other noodle dishes.

They take credit cards and open daily, closed from 2:30-5pm.

Xi’an Taste
39119 Cedar Blvd
Newark, CA 94560

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Liang Pi is typically made with wheat starch noodles, and those in your picture look the part.

Liang pi is usually eaten as the appetizer. Their specialties include “hand made noodles”. I’ve tried the you-po mian and zha jiang mian. While the noodle themselves are good, the flavoring are nothing to write home about.

Liangpi and a roujiamo might just be my favorite Chinese lunch on a sultry day, especially if flanked by a pineapple beer.

For $1.95, they have a homey pumpkin congee that the owner says is common in Shaanxi. The rice is simmered for three hours with pumpkin in water. I tasted no salt or seasonings—-mad props for putting such a bland, but representstive dish on a menu for a cuisine locally known for bold flavors.

Burger bun was made to order, One of the better ones I’ve eaten, and much better than nearby Thousand Tasty, whose strength is noodles.

Hand ripped noodles rocked. evenly cooked, an inch or so wide, More soft chewy than tuggable chewy.

Liang pi were thinner than I can remember having elsewhere, and held their shape.

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