Xi'an Noodles [WA, Seattle]

I’ve been wanting to come here for a few years, and finally made it today.

The sign says “Western Chinese Cuisine”. I don’t know anything about the style. The menu is mostly noodles (either dry or in soup). There are also sandwiches, and what they call “salads” - garlic broccoli, others I don’t recall. There is a make-your-own bowl bar also. The back of the menu is smoothies.

I had “spicy lamb hand-ripped noodles”, my daughter had “stewed pork hand-ripped noodles”, and my wife had “vegetable tofu hand-ripped noodles”. We got an order of pot-stickers.

Hand-ripped noodles! They are thin, about 1 - 1.5 inches wide. A bit chewy. The lamb had a lot of cumin, a scattering of cilantro, and a slick of red oil, with till-crispy cabbage and bell pepper. It had a bit of heat, not much. The lamb itself was shredded. Very tasty!

The stewed pork was sweet and pleasant. My wife, gingerly eating meat again after 25 years of vegetarianism, declared “I am ordering that next time.”

The pot-stickers were good, but nothing to write home about.

I’ll go back again.


Will put it on my list to try & thanks! Could look it up, but location?

5259 University Way - the upper end of “The Ave”. I tried to pin the location in the original post, but apparently I did it wrong.


Update: so sad, it turns out that that these delicious noodles do not make good leftovers. They get mushy. We’ll order family style next time, get a bit less, and polish it all off at the restaurant!

I think noodles in general gets soggy in the fridge overnight, unfortunately.

Thank you! I suspected it might be there. Our youngest daughter is a UW grad so we hit “the ave” frequently taking her out to dinners. We don’t go up there as much now that she’s graduated and married. Some things never change though - we still pick up the tab lol :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I can heartily recommend a couple others in the area but not on the ave. Kabul on 45th and the Wallingford Tutta Bella’s. Best eggplant dish of my life at Kabul.

I’m feeling simpatico with your wife.

Hand-pulled noodles (and a la minute Asian foods) are best eaten immediately. I know friends’ families that position themselves right next to the kitchen do the good is ultra-fresh.

My favorite thing around the Ave is the Sat Farmers market. Giant, and outstanding. The Ellenos yogurt is dynamite. And there is a vendor that does quesadillas with a TON of seasonal veg, and they are also great. Pattypan in the name, I believe.