Xacalli Kitchen, Silverado, OC, CA

Is anyone familiar with a new restaurant in Silverado Canyon, here in Orange County, CA called Xacalli Kitchen? I stumbled over it via a social media ad but haven’t seen any media coverage on it. The Yelp reviews, no surprise, are a bit mixed as to value for the money.


“ It might be worth checking out for yourself to see if it’s a hit or miss.“

Well I was hoping I wouldn’t have to be ‘taking one for the team’ given the relatively high prices here. The negative Yelp comments were mostly about high prices for small portions. One compared it to Taco Maria in price while not even close in quality. Yelp reviews aren’t my final authority but, in this case, the low ones were consistent on those issues.

Given this poster’s other replies, I think the spammers have discovered ChatGPT.


You could be right on that.

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