WuBurger + EZ Indian Market Woburn, Zam Zam Medford

Hmmmm, neglected to update on my last weekend’s brief foray into the Boston area. Had planned to go to Zaika on Sat., but as we were a little pressed for time and I had a burger craving, so we ended up stopping at WuBurger instead. Situated in a strip mall and somewhat weighed down by fake period decor, this was actually pretty good. (And to be fair, the period decor at least has some nice old movie posters and a cool vintage bicycle).

I had a WuDog and a single hamburger with grilled onions, the s.o. got the South End crispy chicken burger-y thing. All on Martin’s rolls, always a plus. The WuDog tasted fine but was a little sloppy from the cheddar cheese sauce. I liked the crunch from the crispy fried onions, but I’d say overall this combo doesn’t quite work. The burger was better, well cooked and tasty. The chicken sandwich that I only got one bite of seemed maybe the best choice of all. In any case, this is no destination spot but is pretty solid if you’re driving by and want a quick bite.

Had just enough time to check out a tip from juniorchild and looked in on the EZ Indian Grocery store right off Main St in Woburn (behind the CVS). Great little market–they’ve packed about as many Indian/Sri Lankan etc products into this place as you might conceivably get into this square footage. Vegetables looked good + many of the usual Swad products and samosas by the counter. Got a couple of these–they were peppery and reheated well for breakfast the next day.

Lastly, got a chance to try out some takeout from Zam Zam in Medford Square for dinner. Stuck mostly to veggie fare after my WuB lunch & it was good. Naan was OK, nothing to write home about. Aloo Muttar and Palak Paneer were both quality versions, I conceded to get it mild since the s.o. is averse to high heat, but they still had some oomph. Good flavor. I’ll happily go back here and try the other Pakistani and Afghan dishes on the menu. It seems promising–maybe not a place to travel to, but a nice addition to Medford which doesn’t have a lot of options with regards to this particular cuisine.


Helpful post. Thanks! I just saw Zam Zam the other day when I went to Donuts with a Difference but forgot to check it out. Good to know it’s decent. And I’ll head to the market in Woburn next time I’m in the area.

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This market used to be the only place in the area to buy curry leaves and Galangal. I can now find those items most anywhere so I haven’t been in a few years.

I’m always glad to hear of interesting places in Medford, since that is where we stay when we’re in the Boston area. But before our next trip I intend to pick your mind for the best Chinese in Malden.

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They call themselves Pakistani and Indian, in that order. So they may have Pakistani owners/ chefs. I am not very adept in spotting Pakistani specialties from Indian dishes on their web site. Do they have any Pakistani specials or dishes identified as Pakistani at the restaurant?

Speaking of Sri Lankan, do we have any restaurants around here that have Sri Lankan specials? I think Suvaai has some. Any others?

Suvaai is the only one that I’m aware of.

I’m no expert on the finer points here either, but when going over the menu I found Karachi Gosht and beef/lamb nehari, both of which to me seem like they may be from the Pakistani side.

The Boston Globe had an article in the past few months about L’Aroma Cafe in Newton, which apparently has a daily Sri Lankan special. Unfortunately, the article doesn’t seem to be available on their website any more.

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Found it! I had read it and forgot about it. It may be only available to subscribers, though.