Wu’s redux, manhattan

one of the joys of group dinners is exploring menus and trying new dishes but it’s comforting to return to old favorites. Back at Wu’s tonight and the food was better than ever: beef chow fun, peking duck and garlic chicken with fried shallots. the dish of the night for me was the garlic chicken, crispy skin, tender and juicy meat and the shallots were just perfectly fried.

btw, i asked the price of the dungeness crab, $68/pound, avg weight 10 pounds, add tax and tip, more than i paid for my first car :slight_smile:

ps @DaveCook , i can obviously use some food photography lessons…



Beef chow fun and Peking duck are always on my cravings list when I get back from a trip anywhere.

The garlic chicken looks juicier than it’s been when I’ve ordered it elsewhere.

ETA: The dungie by the lb is known to be steep. There’s another on-the-menu crab that’s supposedly sub-100.

Perhaps a typo and meant to type Alaskan King Crab? Lest some Fukushima fueled dungeness variety has emerged :grin:.

Wu’s was my reliable favorite in Manhattan for Cantonese style cooking. Try the marbled goby if you are into steamed fish.

I was thinking the same. How big would a 10 pound crab be? Wouldn’t fit in any wok I have.

Oh, I’ve seen them at Aquabest (and they are King Crabs, not Dungeness). They’re huge. But I bet I’d have no trouble eating, say, 30% of a 10 lb crab, because a lot of weight is in the shell.

our waiter said a ten pound crab is good for 6 people but i’m guessing there would be other dishes on the table

That’s like $100 for a single serving of crab!

That crab is turned into 3-4 dishes. Take a look at Yelp.

Really? It looks like you’d get the legs with noodles or the fried legs, and the fried rice in the body.

Steamed Alaskan King Crab Legs with Garlic Over Braised Noodle

(Pic was supposed to be the search result for all crab pix, not this monster pic)

I’ll try to find the links I sent Steve & Dave before our dinner


Two different things – advance order crab vs. menu crab special







The food in those photos looks awesome! Do you like their chicken better than the house special chicken at Congee Village? Really lovely-looking duck, too!

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