WTF is this world coming to?

Gonna need a manicure with Velveeta-scented nail polish to sip my Velveeta martini in style. I like it when my manicure coordinates with my cocktail, LOL.


That sounds kinda cheesy.


Someone I know would add her husband’s fancy Scotch to her Coke when she ran out of Rye.

Same person asked if I had any Rye and Coke at my Beaujolais Nouveau party.


Permanent ban.

I took a glass of Moulin-a-Vents away from someone who told me it was “too strong”.

She forgave me when I brought a bottle of Yellowtail Shiraz to her next party. :nauseated_face:


Oh my lord… that is a travesty. But to each his own.

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Oh dear please no no no. This sounds wretched.

No surprise to anyone.


I forgot what TV News person from the 70’s I heard being interviewed, but she’d told a story about how rampant and accepted sexual harassment was in the 70’s, and she said “ya know, in the 70’s harass was two words.” (“her ass”, in case you’re slow like me.) Lauren Bacall maybe.

I like the article. “Velveeta isn’t ideal for a cheese plate.” No 't’ain’t.

As a woman who has worked in manufacturing and construction since the late 80s…how many stories do you want to hear?

I worked in manufacturing in the 70s, where men and women did the same jobs. I have no stories. I wonder what the difference was.

I couldn’t begin to guess.

I’m still in the same industry so obviously it wasn’t career ending, but I can assure you that discrimination and harassment made regular appearances.

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That’ s terrible. I guess i have been extremely lucky.

OMG, I couldn’t imagine. Men were so enabled then. I remember the 70s and 80s really well.

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So has anyone tried it yet?

Enabled or entitled?

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I don’t see as being a one off issue. My niece’s wedding had Mashtini’s as the “drink” of choice. And there wasn’t a bit of vodka or gin in them! Talk about a sacrilegious adaptation of a classic!!!
I blame her surroundings. She was a yoga sort before yoga was ‘the thing’.

Sunshine, there was a semi-famous (in Arlington VA) brouhaha back around 2010 when a customer asked a barista to give him a double expresso poured over ice. The barista refused, stating that he would not “demean the bean”. And the customer stormed out. No big deal, right?
Well there were three different bloggers that heard the whole thing go down and all of them blogged about it, and there is where the brouhaha began and was fought out.
It was hilarious how seriously some people took their espresso.

Double espresso over ice was my regular order when I lunched out with some wine-loving friends, As I had an hour drive after lunch, I stuck with espresso. Until one day I had two or maybr three doubles and my hair started to stand straight up. Or it felt like it. I switched to bitters and soda.


This yogini doesn’t try to raise the vibration of a classic tipple.