[Wrinehill, Staffordshire] Hand & Trumpet

Somewhat off our usual eating area but life brings us to the area about once a year and it’s always a decent enough lunch stop (see previous reviews).

For one of us, nothing more than a prawn and crayfish sandwich on granary with a good handful of mixed salad. It was what it was.

For the other, a chicken, ham and leek pie in a tarragon and white wine sauce. Kitchens often seem to be overly restrained with tarragon but not here – it’s not overdone but you can certainly taste it. The only complaint here was that the shortcrust pastry wasn’t quite crisp enough – cooked through but the sides and base weren’t really crispy. There’s good non-sloppy mashed potato. Their “mixed greens” are always good – today a mix of cabbage, kale and sugarsnap peas. The pie was followed by summer pudding. A good version, with currants for sharpness and which may have been too sharp had it not been for the big dollop of clotted cream


Under-baked? Should feed back to them.