Wrapped Sandwiches

And what of the hot turkey sandwich, open faced and smothered?


Mais oui.

In Canada, hot turkey / hot beef/ hot chicken/hot hamburger is sometimes not open-faced, but it is smothered.

Now I’m craving a hot turkey sandwich.

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Well, I’m craving a chili burger!

Placed next to a chili dog, can even the dogmatic and doctrinaire among us call only one a sandwich?

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Sure, dude. Why not?

The mother of all Blue Plate Specials. Must have the slice of cranberry sauce on the side and a scoop of mashed potatoes. Smothered. If I had some leftover turkey, I’d make one right now!


people refer to making open-face sandwiches - so the answer has to be YES
its usage that determines.


I live in MN and have NEVER heard it called “Hot beef commercial” or seen it listed as such on a menu.

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Woolworth’s lunch counter Hot Roast Beef Sandwich circa 1950 = slice of untoasted white bread topped with thick layer of thinly sliced roast beef, smothered in beef gravy. Nothing else, no mashed potato. Turkey version was similar. These and their “tulip” ice cream sundaes, named for the shape of the serving glass, were big time shopping-downtown treats.