WP mall to be no more

Wow. No more Kam Sen, Bao’s, Sports Page or Franklin Clock Shop. Good riddance to the horrific DMV, but how sad that Roach in WP is aping Bramson in NR.


Primo I read somewhere that some of these businesses were going to be relocated :wink:
Also … that the trans center which is not that old, will be completely renovated … something about wanting to bring the city closer to the transportation … Bao’s kam sen … great old businesses … humble beginnings that grew into WP staples … very sad

Oh, that DMV - what a mess! Can’t say I’m sorry to see that mall go, but I hope the businesses that want to relocate can.

How does one get rid of a Mcdonalds?
Also there is an Independent living center and a dialysis center


I’ve come to think that the White Plains DMV is one of the better ones. The past few years I have been in and out in 20 minutes or less. Much better than Yonkers, and way, way, better than the ones in the Bronx. I haven’t been to the Peekskill one, and I think that you have to go to Rockland or Putnam counties for the next closest ones.

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You may be right about that. Now I’ll have to schlep to Peekskill - ugh

What, nobody mentioned Noda’s? The prospect of redevelopment at the old WP Mall has been brewing for years.
One of my favorites years ago was Scotch 'n Sirloin…

The best DMV in the area is in Brewster, on Route 312 just on the other side of I-84. I know it’s a schlep for many, but it’s much better than the others (in fairness I’ve only been to Peekskill in recent years). It’s actually run by Putnam County, so you don’t have the normal “friendly” DMV employees. Free parking, too.

Great to know. That is actually easier from GB than White Plains and it will give me an excuse to hit the Brewster DeCicco! I hate Peekskill.

Yeah, it’s relatively close to GB, and DeCicco’s is 5 minutes from the DMV. Do you hate Peekskill in general, or just the DMV there? Or the drive?

Where the DMV is and the DMV there. Somehow doesn’t feel quite safe. We have gone to the Paramount though and eaten dinner there before.

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