Wow! Whole Foods prices drop!!

Looks like they’ve actually done it… at least on some things. Haven’t been there yet but this could get very interesting.

Amazon Cuts Whole Foods Prices as Much as 43% on First Day - Bloomberg


I expect this to be the new trend at Whole Foods, honestly I think this is the best thing that could have happened.

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I was hoping for this to happen after I heard Amazon bought them. I have a Whole Foods within 1/2 mile of my house, but I never go there because they are so expensive. I prefer going to Trader Joes and Sprouts (also within a few minutes drive) because they carry similar items at a much lower cost. Looks like I’ll have to check out WF again.

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I’m willing to give them another chance now.

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Based on my trip to the Union Square Whole Foods in Manhattan this morning, you can (at least for now) curb your enthusiasm. I didn’t see any new and amazing deals. Avocados are cheaper, but still more expensive than at other stores. But I’ve never thought Whole Foods was all that expensive. A lot of the stuff I buy there - Fage Yogurt, their 365 brand canned tuna and canned tomatoes and dried pasta - was already competitively priced.


If they dump John Mackey, I might end my boycott.


I didn’t notice any out of the ordinary deals today in the SFBA.

Also no great deals in San Mateo - burrata (locally made) was 6.99 just like before (and looks to be the identical one that Trader Joes has for 4.99) - yes avacado a bit cheaper, but I didn’t see anything else that was less expensive - so much for sensational headlines not based in fact :frowning:

So far, the discounts seem to be applied to organics. Organic bananas etc., for those so inclined…

I agree. The 365 brand isn’t that expensive. I regularly go there for staples lower priced than other stores. I’m curious about the meat prices, they reduced the grass fed cuts but the meat is something that I’ve never found to be worth the price at Whole Foods, quality doesn’t match the higher price.

The local news reported that one local A-Whole Foods had a lines around the block waiting to shop there. I expect cash register receipt totals to creep back up pretty soon, once shoppers automatically assume the prices are competitive.

Interesting perspective. Over the 40 years I spent in and around consumer touch from retail I always thought the basic premise was that lower prices result in more unit sales and greater overall sales. From what’s been posted here it may be that WF is just testing the water in seject prydgct areas. A straight across the board lowering of prices would have a significant negative impact on profits until either sales grow or cost structures can be tuned up. just basic math.

I stopped in yesterday. The prices for what I was looking for (Lactaid milk, prepared food or pizza for lunch) were the same. Only about five of the meats were marked down, and only the Atlantic salmon among the fish. I didn’t check the produce since I prefer local markets for that.

I feel like they will heavily advertise these dropped prices on basic commodity items that they are able to buy in volume and will be more competitive with other grocery stores on those items.

However, i think they will not budge on prices of most of the rest of everything, and will hope the bait of the good prices brings in customers who then succumb to the regular WF priced groceries.
I shop there with some frequency now that i have one in my neighborhood, but only for a short list of specific items that i can’t buy elsewhere and what they do sell at competitive prices (non dairy milk from 365 brand, tofu, fage yogurt and bulk bin grains and such)


I think you’re a nooch fan, the price dropped which is literally the only thing I buy which has changed in price but cheaper than anywhere else.

Oh yaaay!! That’s just one of those items i always have to get at WF, and always have on hand- even online i haven’t found it at a better price. Thanks for the heads up!

I really don’t think their produce is that good. And the fish counter is just so so. Just my two cents.

They need producers that can produce in volume. So there may be tradeoffs between volume and taste.

One of their producers- Pinnacle Farms, are one of the organic producers that show up in every farmer’s market. Their stuff is decent- cheap (for organic), organic and consistent and reliable. But you can almost always find better alternatives in the same market. And I think that’s what WF looks for- cheap, consistent, reliable, and in some cases, organic.

Top quality producers that demand high prices and produce small volume doesn’t fit well with WF’s model. And people looking for top quality produce probably will go to greater lengths to seek them out anyway.

I didn’t see a lot of bargains either. For example $36.00lb. sea scallops! But I’m not their target audience anyway. I won’t pay extra for organic produce, I want well marbled grain finished, not grass fed, beef. I only shop there occasionally anyway. I can’t say there is one WF product that I always want to have on hand that I can’t get somewhere else. That’s not true about Trader Joe’s and Costco. They both have several items I always keep on hand.

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