Wow, I Can't Believe I Just Did That

Has anyone had one of those moments in the kitchen when you do something so incredibly stupid and all you can do is laugh? I periodically think of this one and I still can’t believe it. I was preparing to entertain some of my husband’s business associates and decided I wanted to make my own demi-glace. It was not the first time I’d made it and at the time there were no little shortcut packets that were as good as my own. I remember it was a lovely Sunday when I started the stock. The cooking stock was on the stove and my husband and I decided it was a great day to sit on the deck with a bottle of wine. We opened up a nice Kistler Chard and shared it. When I came back in it was time to discard the bones and veges from the stock and the next day I’d reduce. I got my colander, put it in the sink, and proceeded to pour my freshly made stock down the drain. I had not put another pot under the colander. At that point, all I could do was laugh. And start over!


I did that while making chicken stock - though I did realize in time to save half of it. Since then, I make stock in a pasta pot which has a perforated insert. This is altogether a superior method; if I lift up the insert and set it against the pot rim, at a tilt for a few minutes, every bit of stock drains off, and there is no chance of splashing or a steamy scald.

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That is brilliant!! But my pasta pot is too small… May get a new one!

That is a brilliant idea for a pasta insert (don’t have one) … and I have to say to the OP - I’m ashamed to admit .… ive done that too. All you can do is stare in disbelief

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I guess the half bottle of wine helped with the laughing part!

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