Would you eat "recycled "meat?

I wouldn’t. I would even forgo all meats. Would definitely not touch lab-grown kind, as well as ultra processed fake “meat”.

I’m living a sheltered life. If you are super sensitive you might want to skip this…

I have no trouble forgoing all meats. I do it every day. And thankfully, I’ve never been hungry enough to have to consider eating it, or lab-grown meat, or recycled landfill meat. But to say I’d refuse it no matter what? I can’t say.

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I only managed 27 seconds into the video. Clearly there was an agenda there.

However I would not ever put lab-grown meat in the same category as food of any sort recovered from tips or dumpsters. Lab-grown meat is grown in a sterile environment, far from a tip. It is disingenuous to say otherwise.

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What I meant was, speaking only for myself, I would rather stop eating meat all together if it boils down to lab-grown/ultra processed/“recycled” meat. Just have no interest in trying any of it. Besides, I eat so little meat I think I would probably have no problem quitting.

We are lucky to have a choice.

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Lab-grown meat is NOT recycled. It need not be ultra processed. If the reality reflects the concept it could well be LESS processed than the chicken or beef or pork you buy today.

The concept from what I read a couple of decades ago to the extent I remember is to focus on growing the edible bits and offload all the other systems. You could have a several thousand pound chicken breast that is “harvested” by trimming. That can go straight into retail packaging. That’s about as minimal processing as you can get. You’ll process it more in cooking. Sushi from the sea to the plate is more processed than lab-grown meats.

If the idea makes you squeamish that’s fine and your business. Lab-grown is NOT recycled and is NOT ultra-processed. By the way, no more e. coli concerns.

If they can make this work at a production level they can grow an egg layer. No more salmonella.

Regional availability evens out - decent lamb in the US. Conch anywhere. Reduced antibiotics in the food chain. Reduced ethical concerns - no nerves, no brain, no pain.

If reality measures up to the concept I’ll eat it.

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Dave, I know. I was not comparing or confusing the 2 things. Just that I wouldn’t eat either.

Here we have mechanically separated meat that’s turned into many things fit for human consumption. There’s a market for that as there’s a market for artificial or lab-grown meats.

Humans have two choices: make fewer humans or make more food. There is more than a market here - there is a critical need.

Or distribute the plenty-of-food we in fact already produce “better” (yeah, I know, ain’t never gonna happen, but I think it’s always worth mentioning because that is the fundamental problem on the global scale, especially in our age of relatively inexpensive global transport…