Would it be possibe to have a SE board?

First off - thanks for putting this site together!

Many Triangle, NC Chowhounds have used a google account for off topic discussions. The past few days our conversation has dealt with alternatives to CH. I’ve posted the Hungry Onion link and the East Bay Express article link* on our google board.

A SE board here would be very much appreciated!

*Where I learned of HO.

Note: Crumbs in my keyboard cause some letters to get skipped…can’t seem to correct the spelling on the title!

Of course! Just created the SE board.

The past few days I’ve been slowly creating boards, so yes there are still many gaps in the geographical coverage. Thanks for the heads up!

Let us know if you will be interested in creating something which will include Philadelphia too. Good luck

Thanks so much! I’ll try to spread the word.

Philly board is live!

Thanks. Just a heads-up. Because the Pope will be in Philly, it will be difficult for me to visit Philly, so I may not able to post anything. Or maybe I can think of something.

I would love to see VA added to a SE board. For some reason, on Chow, we are always stuck in the mid atlantic, lumped in w Delaware etc. We all complained about it originally, but it fell on deaf ears. With DC having it’s own board, the mid atlantic was just a weird place to stick us.

Until the SE Board becomes crazy busy I suggest that it include Virginia south to and including Florida on the East coast. Going west including WV & Kentucky. Then South using the Mississippi River as the border. Texas could be South or it could be SW…

Since that would cover such a large area I think formatting the titles as Topic - City/State would be helpful.

Personally I found the division of the old SE Board on CH to cause more harm than good.

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Thank you!!!

I debated that myself too- whether to get the boards down to the city/ state level, or whether leave them to a large geo region for now. The problem is with a user base that is starting out, the concern is if the coverage area in each board is very fine, we may end up with many boards with little posts. An option is to start with a larger area first for each board, then as participation builds up, gradually carve out the cities, states into its separate board.


It’s tricky on on several levels.

If a board seldom has activity then it falls off the radar. The way people define and move through “their” area must be considered. Case in point being how upset many people in Southern Conn. became when they were no longer part of the NY area board on CH. Geographically the NYC metro area had more of their dining focus than the rest of their home state. When boards become unwieldy and need to be split I think it is key to consult the locals on the best way to do so. You’ll never please everyone but listening closely may help avoid bigger problems.

Not to keep harping on CH but many of their newer regional boards were created without respect to the way those who lived there think of the area. Visitors were confused by the oddly grouped/named clusters of states. Some areas had a few lone voices for a bit that finally just stopped. The division of the once vibrant Florida just killed it.

I noticed many of the regional posts are specifying their area in the title. As this site grows that will become very helpful - in searches and to assist the browser who has a more specific interest. If we set the tone now by adopting that format I think …too tired to find the words I want —as people join and observe then they will probably continue with an established format.

Off to sleep!

I think that is a good path. People will suggest boards if they see their area is not represented. At this point the major cities seem covered and are getting participation.

I can only speak for my area. It will take some time for the SE to get enough activity to break off states or cities. When Atlanta got it’s own board it pretty much killed the rest of the Georgia posts except for the occasional traveler query about interstate options or Savannah.

Hi there… been a CH since 1998 (maybe earlier - cannot recall), though fairly inactive the last some years, except the Trader Joe’s threads. :slight_smile:
NY born and raised, LA a bunch of years, and been in ATL for the last five. Still lurk on the NAF board (I get a kick out of it), contribute to TJ’s discussions, and have contributed to ATL a few times, but it is very disappointing the lack of activity here. Not sure why it is so quiet…ATL is full of wonderful restaurants and shops.
Will do my best to get more active on the local boards, though my life has become kids sports, work at home, etc…Would love to help grow the SE board here, specifically ATL.
Thank you for starting this site…looking forward to participating!