World Series Houston W'as Up?

I’m warming up with the Band Last Waltz, Lou Reed, Little Feat, Neil Young Powder Finger, the Stones featuring Mick Taylor in my favorite Time Waits for No One, and maybe squeeze in a little Grateful Dead and I’m certain poquito mas.

Oh yeah food.

I boilt, having trouble with spelling recently. boilt up some perfect 16-20 Gulf white shrimp and also broiling some sea scallops wrapped in bacon all sourced from MY HEB.

Edit, also Traveling Willburys.


Just to show I’m not just a 60’s/70’s guy I now I go back to Glenn Miller, no I’m not that old, for the American Patrol a great video with lots of WWII pics.

Is that my father in the top turret of an 8th Air Force B24 dropping bombs on the Nazis? Could be, brings tears to my eyes every time.

There is also Frank Sinatra with the count Basie Orchestra and Fly Me to the Moon.


Quite the 1st inning.
Ya got that champagne chillin :sunglasses:

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I just polished off a nice ny strip. Got the grill up to 700 and charred it up nicely with a coffee rub I concocted.

Let’s go houston!


This is for anyone that went to THE University of Texas or is a fan of Neil Young and great rock,

There is an Austin City Limits

Edit computer cramp

This is reading like an Astros On The Road
scroll edition.
Tremendous. And I do love Neil.
Tonight’s The Night.

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Ok the Austin City Limits show with Neil and it’s a must have available on DVD with some searching. I found one a few years ago for the Wifeacita and am now informed she wants one for her hermano, I’ll be on the lookout.

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For tonight, it will be gumbo. Crow for DC.


What kind of gumbo, possum, raccoon?

Yes. :rofl:

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Disappointed in the Kory’s Roux. Darn bland.