World Science Fiction Convention Panel: Food Lies

“Food Lies”: "Food described in speculative fiction is often speculative itself: things that aren’t possible, or haven’t been, or turn out to sound great but are illusions. Our panelists talk about food lies in everything from The Night Circus to Sendak’s In The Night "

40-minute panel held in Helsinki at the 75th Worldcon. (Spoiler: Several people though C. S. Lewis oversold Turkish Delight in the Narnia books.)

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This, this, a thousand times this. I cannot express to you the depth of my disappointment the first time I had Turkish delight, from a vending machine in Victoria Station. Admittedly, it was likely not a stellar rendition. But man, the disconnect between expectation and experience was vast. Vast, I tell you!


I like Turkish Delight, but I don’t think anything could have lived up to that hype.

It sounds like it should be the most ethereal melt in your mouth confection but it’s all chewy and chunky and confusing.

I’ve since had Turkish Delight brought back from actual Turkey, and it was very nice. Not nice enough to get me into a sled with the Snow Queen, though.