World Market coming to Montgomeryville

I was driving to Metropolitan Diner this afternoon. (Is it a Diner if it’s not open for breakfast, but serves breakfast all day? But I digress.) I noticed in the Home Depot shopping center signs announcing World Market is coming to that location soon. Is this something that should interest/excite me? I’ve never heard of World Market and the name is just generic enough to flummox my Google search.

Looks like they are going into a few place in the Northeast. Another “coming soon” location is being discussed that you might find interesting!

Interesting. In PA there will certainly be no beer or wine. Furniture, housewares and food in one store? Sounds like they’re competing with BJs and CostCo. I’ll check it out when it opens (as I did with the newly opened BJs), but I doubt it will coax any dollars from my pocket. I was hoping it was a new store with international groceries :frowning:

There are some international items but not enough (at least in the ones in my area) to consider it a grocery store. Wine and beer occupies perhaps 1/8th of the space. Furniture, cushions, lighting and baskets perhaps 1/3. It’s worth checking out though!

and this KILLS ME I really wish they would abolish the state stores - it is like living behind the Iron Curtain - WF and TJs are rendered impotent too.

I did like World Market back when I lived in TX but I cannot see patronizing without the cheap vino. In my memory they were sort of like Pier 1 meets Christmas-tree shops with wine but I am good on baskets and candlesticks thank you

Hey, be thankful for all the progress made so far. When I came of age in Philly:

  • If you wanted a six-pack (not a case), bars or delis were your only option. None of this grabbing a 6- or 12- pack at Giant or Wegmanns.

  • If you wanted a case or keg only, then the beer distributor was on the list. None of this picking up a case of your usual plus an intersting-looking 12-pack at the distributor.

  • Believe it or not, state stores (now “Fine Wine & Spirits”) were counter service. You perused the catalog at home or in the store, told the guy behind the counter what you wanted and he went back and retrieved it for you. If they were out of that particular bottle, start over. You cannot imagine the joy which greeted self-serve state stores.

  • If you wanted beer on Sunday? Bar take-out only. You wanted a case? SOL.

  • If you wanted wine/liquor on Sunday? You reprobate you! Drive over to NJ or DE. I can’t imagine what Pennsylvanians who lived in the center of the state did.

So c’mon JT, we got it good now :stuck_out_tongue:

I know it’s better even in the last few years options have improved but when you visit places where they can buy whiskey with their Wheaties you just realize how backasswards is is.

my FW&GS has an OK selection and you would not immediately recognize it as a “state store” but absolutely no knowledge in the staff and I am always feeling a bit ripped off by the “Chairman’s Selection” In the crappier neighborhoods the W&S not even pretending fine or good have very limited wine selections. I really do miss having neighborhood wine stores that cater to their specific clientele and can actually guide you to a purchase.

" I can’t imagine what Pennsylvanians who lived in the center of the state did."
Bootlegged? As if there were not enough reasons to avoid Central PA

I never thought I would say this but I am glad I work in NJ :wink:

Yeah, the selection varies widely from store to store. I’m now in the burbs, but I go to one store when I’m looking for wine–big premium collection with a knowledgeable staff–and a different one for my ryes/whiskies. The store in Flourtown (which I pass on my way home from Chestnut Hill) was just redone and is very nice (this is also a store with a knowledgeable staff). Folks there tell me the plan is to redo all the stores. But nope, doesn’t solve the beer and wine shall never meet dilemma.

I grew up within (longish) walking distance of the Tacony-Palmyra at a time when the NJ drinking age was 18, then 19. It was relatively simple to get fake ID by about 15 (low tech society = easy forgery :wink: So I was weaned on Roger Wilco.