World Kindness Day

World Kindness Day, today! Almost missed it. Apparently it goes on for a week. Spread the good words and deeds!


I do try. In person, I am the epitome of kindness.

In my car, sometimes the less-kind hand signs might be a-flyin’.

This reminds me of a rant I wanted to post to the “What’s on your mind” thread, but I guess I should not. Has to do with people who can’t figure out what to do with the new (around here) blinking yellow lights…

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Isn’t it every day, especially on the internet? :joy:


I know! Around here the blinking yellow lights cause a bunch of rear-enders as do the blinking red lights after the solid red at the crosswalks. Illiterate world.
When given the one finger salute, I respond with the :+1: just to confuse them, especially the carbon spewling teenies driving daddy’s truck. No way would a high schol student be able to afford an $80,000 pickup.
Seriously, both hands should be on the wheel at all times!
Oh my, I just discovered the one finger salute is on the character panel.



We need a “World Meanness Day” where you can be mean without retribution, or contribution.

I mean just one day. Please.

Eh. Just be passive-aggressive and pretend you’re being nice :wink:

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You mean just another day on the internet?

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