World Famous Hotboys Oakland

Hi, I didn’t see anything about this spot on HO and wanted to provide an update because I find it to be extra delicious. It rivals Howlin Rays in LA Chinatown for me. It certainly can compete in the heat department. I find it addictive. It’s also attainable and the folks there than run the shop are kind and generous and keep a fun vibe (similar to HR, but in an Oakland way!)

Beer is available.

Personally, I like the wings best. But the sandwich is great too. I don’t care for mayo-ish slaw which but I do note that Hotboys deploys dark meat for the sandwich which gives it a thigh up on Howlin Ray’s version.

1601 San Pablo Ave, Oakland, CA 94612
There’s also one in Sacto.


WFH also just opened a third location in Walnut Creek’s business district at 1394 N Main St, Walnut Creek. It’s the only one which also serves breakfast - you can have your spicy chicken with waffles and syrup!

Hours are 9a to 9p, 7 days a week for the WC location only.

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Starting your day with a bang !
Thanks for the tip!