World Cup cooking challenge on Twitter

Two Canadian Twitter posters, Matt Tomic and Kristie, are posting photos of a signature dish they have cooked from each country participating.

Their American meal:

The English meal:


Saturday dinner has long been our special meal of the week. Many years back, we set off on a journey cooking a meal from a different country/region. It took us over two years. Some of the time, was during a World Cup. Most of those weeks were fine but it was a bit tricky when we decided to bring both Engish and Dutch food into the meal, as the countries were playing each other that week.

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When there were a couple dozen Chowhounds meeting up regularly in Toronto, from around 2004-2007, we initially were trying restaurants serving foods that were new to us. My first Colombian, Dominican and Georgian meals were with these people. A smaller group of us later got together for themed potlucks, as well as Cake Days, Cookie Days, etc. Most of these people left CH around 2015. Some still get together, in smaller groups, and post the restaurants they try and dishes they make together on Instagram or Facebook.

TorontoJo hosted a Wimbledon party almost a decade ago, but the theme was more tennis and summer, than the recipes from the players’ home countries.

I’m still trying dishes that are new to me, and meet up occasionally with a couple Chowhounds to check out new restaurants and revisit favourite ones.

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Canada is promising good luck! we will have beer.

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I’d love to know how they tackle Qatar. My friend is planning a brunch for the first day of play and wanted to get our advice on what to serve. We ended up giving her ideas that spanned from curries (for all the migrant workers from India who labor in the UAE) to Ethiopian flatbread to date pastries.



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