Worden Hall (South Boston, MA) - Promising

I recently enjoyed an early dinner at Worden Hall with my children. It is conveniently located right across the street from the Broadway Red Line stop.

The space is very comfortable. For a relatively large room, they still managed to make the atmosphere cozy. It got loud when the space filled up toward the end of our meal, but not deafeningly so. Service was friendly, attentive and they made my children feel very welcome. There are plenty of roomy booths, and that always works with my kids.

The beer list is excellent with a wide selection without trying too hard to be esoteric. The list is clearly laid out so one can get an idea of the nature of beers they might not be familiar with. Wine and cocktail offerings were comprehensive enough to suit any taste as well.

Food was all good, and with a few tweaks has the potential to be very good. Hopefully the kitchen will continue to perfect over time. The deep dish pizzas were the best I’ve had in Boston (but that’s not saying much). The crust could be a bit more flaky/buttery, and they could use more toppings to improve the filling to crust ration. Overall good flavors, with the potential to develop into the excellent deep dish this area lacks. Panzanella salad was very nice, and would be excellent with in season tomatoes (our bad for ordering it in December). The smoked pastrami sandwich was our favorite thing. The pastrami was very smoky, and it worked perfectly with the accompaniments. My kids put down 2 orders of the curly fries. I had not had a curly fry in probably 20 years, but I grabbed a few. The Autumn Fruit Crisp desert was surprisingly delicious and caused dueling forks on the plate.

We will look forward to a return visit, and I really hope they continue to improve the deep dish.

Oh, thanks for the report, uni. Very helpful. I’m planning on hitting Worden up for Saturday brunch within the next couple of weeks and will report back. It definitely sounds worth checking out.

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We haven’t been getting to Southie too much lately but for some reason I thought I’d like to try Worden Hall. Your very nice report is making me want to get there sooner than later. Sounds interesting. Thanks.
Hope to Enjoy,

I wanted to add a follow up data point here. We were at Worden again last night, and were not as impressed with the food. The room was full this time, and service was still excellent.

The wings were very disappointing, not at all crispy and glopped with sauce. The Ratatouille Flatbread was wrap was pretty uninspired and limp. One of our party really enjoyed the pork belly BLT.

We got a bit deeper into the beer list which is truly excellent.