Worcester - culinary desert? Please save me from the chains.

My “usual sources” turn up nothing in the city. Surely there must be “something”…“anything”…that saves me from a Carluccios.

There for two nights. And will have the car so a short drive is fine.

This may not suit your requirements John and I haven’t been myself . I do tend to trust Jay Rayner though I’ve been to few places that he’s reviewed and always liked them
Also the review is from 2015 and it’s 10 miles from Worcester itself. However they do make their own black pudding which might interest you?

If worst comes to worst, John, it’s not a long drive to Ledbury!

Bloody hell, Chris - that looks like a winner. The sample menu sounds fab (with the possible exception of the pressed spleen, which may be an offaly bit too far)

or do we trust this - https://theculturetrip.com/europe/united-kingdom/articles/the-10-best-restaurants-in-worcester-england/ - i’m partial to places by the water. do report back. you never know when i might find myself there!

Hmmm. I’ve been to the Old Rectifying House on a previous trip and it was none too shabby but the online menu suggests it’s gone a bit downmarket since then.

“Rectifying” ? A process in gin making as I recall - which the building was used for in the past.

But thanks, every little helps.