Woodstock/WRJ VT recs?

hi everyone,

looking for recs for Woodstock VT and WRJ VT - any ideas? Have to be open on Monday/Tuesday/Wednesdays.


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Our favorite place in that area is Worthy Kitchen. https://www.worthyvermont.com/worthy-kitchen. Great food and excellent beer selection. The setup is a bit different, you place your order at the bar, then grab a table. When your food is done you pick it up at the kitchen. They’re closed Mon - Tue but they are open Wednesdays. We also like Trail Break for tacos. https://www.trailbreakwrj.com/

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One of our favorites is the restaurant at Simon Pierce. Thyme in WRJ is also quite good.

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When we were there a few years ago, we had surprisingly good meals,at:
Big Fatty’s for bbq (https://www.bigfattybbq.com/, open Weds-Sun)
Harpoon Brewery for pub food, https://www.harpoonbrewery.com/windsor-brewery/

I consulted a friend who lives not far away. She endorses all of the above and adds these:

http://www.tuckerboxvermont.com/ (Turkish)

Ransom Tavern at the Kedron Valley Inn (Neapolitan-style pizza)

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The restaurant at Simon Pearce is indeed terrific (and pricey). You’ll need to book far ahead for primetime seatings.

Red Rooster at the Woodstock Inn is similarly upscale but a bit more square and traditional; it’s a lovely room.

There’s usually a long line at the Mont Vert Cafe for breakfast and lunch, but I think it’s worth waiting for. That brisket sandwich, mmm.

Probably my favorite recent meal in that area was at Cloudland Farm. It does a three-course prix fixe – literally farm-to-table, in what looks like a fancily converted barn – on Fridays and Saturdays. Scenic jaunt through the woods to get there. Worth planning ahead for.