[Woodstock, Ontario]

I’ve been driving through Woodstock a couple times a month.

I’ll update as I try various establishments.

Tonight, I ordered Indian and/or Pakistani take-out from Tandoori Knight. We were happy with everything.

It’s cheaper to call the restaurant directly, than ordering through DoorDash.

These were the dishes I ordered.

It was my first time ordering Eggplant Bharta, Karahi Lamb, or Bombay Aloo (potatoes). I thought the food was as good or better than Massey Indian Cuisine, in nearby London, Ontario. I’ll return, and place my order by phone next time.

I’ve been stopping for coffee at Beantown in Woodstock. They also carry some British pastries, pasties and sausage rolls made by a baker in Ingersoll.

I want to try Balkan Eats in Woodstock. They close at 7 pm on Sundays and were not taking any more orders tonight. I will follow up once I try their take-out.

Punjabi Swaad DND Pizza in Woodstock

Basra Punjabi Restaurant in Woodstock