Woodhouse Fish Co.

I’m sure most/all of us know Woodhouse but didn’t see a dedicated thread.

We took a long walk to the new Presidio Tunnel Tops park — which is excellent — and decided to stop at Woodhouse on Fillmore on the way home. I had mentioned in another thread that we just had Ipswich bellies on Long Island (I know probably not the best example of Ipswich being the location but it was the most popular/highly rated seafood spot on the North Fork so they should be good at least), but actually thought we preferred Woodhouse’s version.

So we had those and some local grilled squid.

The clam bellies confirmed that we easily preferred these over the version we had in Southold:

The grilled squid was pretty good and was trying to be some kind of Spanish dish. The seafood and every other ingredient was top quality but the dish didn’t really come together. It was the squid grilled with rosemary, Marcona almonds, grapes, cucumber, on top of a romesco sauce. I really don’t know what the cucumber was doing there, but ya, just didn’t all come together. The grilled squid was good though, and that’s why we ordered the dish, so good enough.


Good on you. For us, Woodhouse’s full bellies, a lobster roll, and Pine Ridge Viognier-Chenin blend were once a staple treat before things beyond reasonable control started getting in the way. (We’re not giving up though.)