Wooden knives sharper than steel?

Sure. But I warn you - I have a newer one that I use now.

One more and we have a doubles game. Now if we can just settle on a city (or country).

I use the Wilson Pro Staff with babolat VS16 gut cross and Luxilon long.
I tried my fathers old wooden racket last year in a match. Let’s just say my serve lost 25% speed.
My single hand backhand lost spin too. A lot.

uh oh. Sounds serious. Mine is a Head Radical Pro. Helps to work off the calories I consume eating way too much.

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If we can make leather jacket from grapeskin, who knows

Nice. Only thing that kept me from using Head rackets was the handle shape, I never could get use to it.

This one is from Tupperware is
plastic and will cut through a steak.
I had brought it as a condiment/butter spreader for bread yet did try it on a steak and it really does work.