Wonderful Dinner - Valley at the Garrison, Garrison , NY

We finally got to the Valley last night and it was wonderful. First off, the place is lovely and what a relaxing setting. The hues are muted with a big picture window. I’m sure the view is beautiful, but it was so dark out last night! We sat in a charming corner banquette. I normally don’t like those because they are too narrow and cramped with all the pillows, but this was quite nice.
The menu is small but very a nice assortment. It has small plates, raw bar and charcuterie and a local cheese board in addition to the apps and entrees. First we were served wonderful house baked parker house rolls and corn muffins. DH had the tuna tartare with ponzu, and the tuna was sushi grade and delicious. I opted not to have an appetizer - I think I’m still full from turkey day. Then James (I’ll talk about that in a minute) sent over a beet appetizer for us to share. DH loves beets so he was in heaven. For dinner I went for the stiploin of beef served with confit potatoes and melted leeks in a truffle jus. It was absolutely delicious and cooked exactly as ordered. DH went for the duck breast, unusual for him, but it came with foie gras, so that sold him. It also was in a duck jus and had fennel with it. He loved it.
For dessert we shared a pots de creme tart that was ok, but the expresso was great. Now, about James. He is the restaurant and beverage manager at the Valley. We have known James since he was a maître d at Lexington Square Cafe in Mt Kisco and went on to 121 which he ran in two different stints. He also was a part owner of Granite Springs Inn. He is THE BEST. We have been looking for him since he left 121 5 years ago and, thank you @Mr. Bill, we found him. We found James and a great restaurant at the same


Thanks for the report, Gwenn. Sounds delightful. Will take the drive sometime…

Thanks for the report Gwenn. Haven’t been there in some years so we’ll have to give it a go again.

Sounds lovely! We’ll have to put it on our list for the next time we’re up that way.

I haven’t been back to this site since RW but happy to hear you got to Valley and enjoyed it and got to see James. He is incredibly nice. And their duck breast is amazing. I really have to get there when it’s not RW.

I was beginning to worry!!! Yes, James was fantastic as usual. We will go back - but, may wait till it stays light out a bit later. Boy, that drive freaks me out!

I’m touched :).

Did you have Daniel as your server? Did you know he works at the UN during the week and gives tours?

How did you get there? I live in Yorktown, so I typically take Route 6 to the Bear Mountain Parkway to Highland Avenue to Route 9. My biggest problem with the ride is that the lights for the entrance are several feet past the entrance if you’re coming from the south. I’ve missed it more than once!

One time my GPS sent me thru some semi-paved single lane mountain road in Cortlandt/Putnam (ending up fairly close to them on Route 9), but it hasn’t done that in a long time. If you went that way I can understand being freaked out.

I don’t know his name. He was very good. He was Spanish.

We are in Goldens Bridge so we took 35 across to Bear Mountain Parkway then I think the same way you did. And we did miss the entrance - had to u turn. I don’t see well at night and DH tends to go a little faster than I’d like!! So it may have been me.

Yes, I have learned that I need to slow down approaching the entrance so I don’t miss it. I succeeded this time :smile: .

The lack of a sign and lights before the entrance coming from the south is my only real complaint about the place. They really should fix it (I’ve mentioned it, no luck).

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