Women belong in the kitchen.................................(it's true they do!)

Let’s see the pushback they get on this one!! Kudos on the initiative.


This was, believe it or not, a point of contention back in my fast food days (which I seem to be talking about A LOT here lately). I thought everyone should cycle through various jobs - register, prep, back line, dining room, to alleviate boredom if nothing else. But there was a strict gender division: only women at the register and in the dining room, only men on the back line cooking the food. Prep was gender neutral. The “official policy” was that customers preferred to order from women and to see women wandering around with cleaning rags and brooms. Obviously this was bullshit, and things have thankfully changed since then.


I too worked at BK in high school. It was definitely girls in the front, boys in the back.

Later I worked at a local pizza place. The grill, hoagie board and ice cream counter were all up front and all “manned” by girls. The pizzas, strombolis, etc. were made in the back by the guys. Delivery was done exclusively by men. Prep before opening and cleaning after closing was gender neutral.

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My daughter worked at a pizza place while in college and, at one point, did some deliveries. I was not thrilled with the idea. Most of their business was students and faculty as it was close by the campus which she said mitigated the risk. At one point she delivered a pie to a kid who she’d gone to high school with 400 miles away. He was so high he didn’t really recognize her though. :roll_eyes:

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I like the Tweet and initiative.

In my opinion there is a big difference between equal opportunity (I which I strongly support) and affirmative action (which is discrimination).

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Affirmative action is inclusion for the same reason one shouldn’t be excluded. While once needed it may no longer be unnecessary.

This probable typo speaks volumes. Or you’re playing 4-dimensional chess, I can’t tell.


I’m not smart enough to play four dimensional chess. It was a typo.

In what way, specifically, is affirmative action NOT discrimination? Is discrimination not de facto a societal failure?

In what way is affirmative action discrimination? Surely that claim needs to be supported rather than expecting all others to do to prove a negative?

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Definitions are in order. Equal opportunity means that everyone (candidates for jobs, real estate purchases, etc.) are treated the same without regard to race, ethnicity, gender, sexual preference, etc. Affirmative action says that some of those same characteristics become preferences for selection.

We went through this in the late 70s and 80s. Hiring practices said that if a black or other minority applied for a job s/he got it if qualified even if not the MOST qualified. That is discrimination.

Burger King is a private business. To some extent they can spend their money how they like. On the other hand lots of equal rights legislation applies to private businesses. Personally I would be more impressed if Burger King provided a scholarship program for all their employees without regard to race, ethnicity, gender, sexual preference, religion, etc.

TL;DR: There is a difference between equal opportunity and affirmative action.

How did you interrupt the words you quoted?

You’ve reduced a complicated issue to a false unsophisticated binary conclusion.

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I think I disagree with your fundamental premise that meritocracy is impossible with race-conscious hiring. Implicit in that claim (event not recognised by the maker) is that white people are by default the most qualified-- and that white people, and white men in particular, are the true victims of this policy. ‘Colour-blindness’ is not an anti-racist measure and tends to mask a desire for the status quo (a status quo that is unacceptable imo).

I suspect this is an argument best kept out of a food board.


I’m not touching the affirmative action, equal opportunity thing. I think this is a fairly clever marketing idea to spark some controversy and publicity around the scholarship.

I’m interested in watching the Netflix show that just came out “Her Name is Chef”. Highlights 6 women chefs including the late Fatima Ali (Top Chef contestant).

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I’m with you.